It is done

It is hard to believe it is over. All this waiting and wondering and worrying and hoping.

I was amazed at the calm all day in the waiting rooms. It was SO obvious that people all over the world were praying for us and Leo. The first hour was the hardest but the rest of them were great. We visited with each other (Lauren’s grandfather from Texas and her dad from California were here as well) and were able to hand out Healing Helpers to Aleeda (a little toddler who I have posted about before. She just got a heart transplant a few months ago and had a G tube surgery today which started at the same time as Leo’s surgery. She should be able to go home very soon which is so exciting!) and two other girls we had not met before.

It was very neat to meet little Sophie, a two and a half year old is still waiting for a heart transplant after 7 + months. It was neat to see how excited her mom was about the healing helper. She had seen it on their facebook page and was amazed that there was another Sophie with the same isssues so it was very cool to tell he that that was for her daughter. Sophie is adorable and chubby and it was so neat to see her.

We were able to see Lisa again as well. (You have probably seen her name many times on here. Her daughter, Ava, spent most of her life here at Sick Kids and she passed away a couple months ago.) Lisa looks great. She was up visiting Tania and Aleeda and stopped in for a visit with us and was so sweet to bring us timbits.

We didn’t get many updates but this surgeon is THE BEST and doesn’t like to give updates until everything is settled and up to his very high standards. He is the absolute best at this and we couldn’t ask for better

Lauren’s sister turned 20 today so they took a break to sing to her over the phone. That was amusing. J

Despite so long with no real updates at all the hours went pretty quickly.

When the surgeon finally came in and gave the good news and Lauren’s dad prayed to Praise God we all burst into tears. It is amazing the stress we didn’t feel that we were carrying. (there was a lot we did feel but in the calm today we didn’t feel too much of it.) When it all melted away we feel light and exhausted and excited. I want to run and jump but also to sleep for along time.

Praise our awesome God for taking such good care of Leo today.

They will keep his chest open for a couple of days to make sure everything is good and he still needs our prayers as he recovers.


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