1. The peace I have knowing that no matter what I do or how I fail my Heavenly Father will never leave me, what a huge blessing that is so undeserved. 
  2. A wonderful husband who loves me (even though I can’t understand why sometimes) and loves being a husband and father. Who works very hard to provide for us and who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. 
  3. My two beautiful children, I prayed for them for so long and am so thankful for them. God’s timing really is best.
  4. For parents who love the Lord and have given their lives to serve Him and bring the gospel to unreached people groups around the world. For the way they raised me and love my children and husband. 
  5. For in-laws that I like and who are really great. 🙂
  6. For our home.
  7. For the opportunity to live so close to our families right now. (I will really miss my bro when he leaves and Caleb’s siblings when they eventually move)
  8. For amazing friends who have been a huge encouragement to me and who always point me to the Lord. I can’t say thank you enough for them! 
  9. For the way the Lord can change lives even when things seem hopeless. 
  10. For my adorable nephews.
  11. For the funny way my sons face scrunches all up when he is mad. It makes me laugh every time. 
  12. For the way my children love each other, It’s really adorable to see them care for each other and be concerned for each other. 
  13. For the thankful spirit Aurora has, she is so pleased by small things and is very quick to say thank you. (usually many times)
  14. For 3 (soon to be 4) awesome sister-in-laws and 1 sister that I love and have a lot of fun with. 
  15. For 2 crazy brothers and 3 crazy brother-in-laws that are actually quite cool and mostly hilarious.
  16. For a job that I love and a supportive husband.
  17. For health.
  18. For Caleb’s job and income when so many are still out of work. 
  19. For the hope of Heaven on days when life seems bleak. 
  20. For a God who heals. 
  21. For the faith my brother and sis-in-law have.
  22. For the fish my brother has caught, that sounds silly, but he has been able to provide so many free meals for his own family and other missionary families with fish from the pond.
  23. For all my new blogger friends who are such an encouragement and inspiration through their blogs.
  24. For a God who cares about the little things in our lives
  25. For a surgery date for Leo
  26. For health while we got ready for Leo’s surgery
  27. For the miraculous peace we felt during Leo’s surgery. I didn’t even cry more than 2 times!!!
  28. For all the people who have and still are praying for Leo
  29. That Leo is doing so well
  30. Aurora LOVES school and gets along really well with her 3 classmates and the younger kids that are in there as well. Her attitude is apparently really good as well (she saves her grumpiness for home LOL)
  31. Gideon and I get mornings together and they are usually really fun. He is so snuggly and sweet.
  32. Caleb took a week off for the first time in ages and we were able to go to the zoo. It was the first time we have done something fun like that with the kids. (besides taking Aurora to a couple movies and family shopping days)