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chalk pastels and folk art

I am finally trying to get around to posting some of the art we have been working on this year.

This was a fun project. We started with talking about folk art and about pastels and showing some examples. Each student started with a cat since cats are a pretty common theme in folk art and are kind of fun. Everyone designed their own very colourful kitty cat then those who finished moved on and did something else they chose.

20131114_14361120131114_14364420131114_14362720131114_143605 (1)20131114_143651There were so many great pieces, I will have to do another post once i take more pictures (i will try for non cell phone ones next time).

My art class this year is very different from last year, the whole feel has changed but although it is MUCH louder and sometimes I want to pull my hair out it is still really fun to look at the amazing stuff these guys come up with. We have started doing warm ups and I can’t wait to post about them because they are so fun so stay tuned!


heart hero

I’ve been having fun sending mail to little Leo every day while he is away.  Yesterday I ran out of stamps and had to get more. They are cool Superman stamps and as I was putting them on I was thinking wow, these are kind of perfect because everything this little boy is going through he certainly is a little super hero.

From there the wheels kept turning and I decided to paint a little present for him. I am pretty happy about how it turned out! 🙂

I’ve had the privilege of meeting several other cardiac babies and they certainly are all little super heros and so are their parents.

20131025_144225I made a girlie one for Aleeda too (who got discharged from Sick Kids yesterday!! After more than a year there!) , then decided to be brave and put them up on Etsy so that if anyone is interested in a customized one for their own heart baby.  So ya, I have an Etsy shop now! Check it out here I will be adding other stuff as time goes by.


fun mail

I have been having way too much fun sending mail to Leo while he is at Sick Kids. The kids made a whole bunch of cards for him and I made the envelopes pretty. LOL


He also will get a puzzle piece in each envelope. LOL I know. He is way too little to even care  but maybe it will make his mom and dad smile.




Simon says art

Simon says art project… just like the game! (a pinterest idea of course)

There were only 3 boys this week but we had a good time anyway. The game was I said a shape and they had to use those shapes (and only those shapes) to make their pictures. I can’t say there wasn’t any cheating… lol but they did a pretty good job following along. IMG_8179 IMG_8178 IMG_8177

crepe flower project

This is another project my mom did with the kids while I was away. They love making presents for their parents, so a flower for their mom was a big hit.

family portraits

For the two weeks that I was in the child protection classes, my mom was kind enough to take on my grade 1-3 classes.

This is one of the projects she did with them:

Family portrait paintings…
IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8182 One of the kids decided to paint aliens instead…. LOL this kind of thing tends to happen almost every week with the young class. Sometimes they have something in their heads that they just have to get out.  😉IMG_8181 IMG_8180


all grades – collaborative tree project

The young and older class all worked on this project.

Each student traced both of their hands and cut them out of heavy paper then painted them (a few used markers) the hands became colourful leaves for our tree.

IMG_8187 IMG_8186 IMG_8185

Each student had such different hands and it was fun to show their personalities in this way and a group project that is now up in the school for them all (and all the Jr high and High school kids) to see and enjoy.