sharing the love

It is a very cool thing when we (bloggers) put our thoughts our into the vast universe that is the internet and we see that people are actually reading them! Even more exciting when people take the time to comment or give you a fun little award!

one lovely blog award

I have the privilege of knowing Alanna of Selfbinding Retrospect both in person (a little) and online. She is a very clever and witty writer and has a way of adding humour to the simplest things. Her post about not wanting to be pregnant again and high-fiving angels when the test was negative still makes me laugh any time i think about it. Such a great mental picture. So thank you Alanna, I adore your writing and it was so sweet of you to pass this on. The Lovely Blog Award rules stand as follows:

  1.  Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers. (The rules actually stated that I have to nominate 15 but that seemed like an awful lot – so I’m taking away the definite number because I’m a rebel like that. That was Alanna and I completely agree. )
  4. Notify the nominees.
  5. Put the award on your blog.

So here are a few of the blogs I love to read:

  1. 6 and a Half Hearts – I fell in love with Lisa and her family when I met them at Sick Kids. I love her heart and her hope.
  2. A Daughter of God – My sister-in-law’s blog. She doesn’t update super often but when she does her words are beautiful.
  3. Walker Family Ministry – Dave and Katie were in Bible School with us 9ish years ago. They are missionaries in PNG. Every time you comment on their blog their chubby little baby smiles. 😉
  4. See Jamie Blog  – Jamie is a much bigger name than I am in blogging. I just love her blog and her heart for foster children.
  5. Our Good Family – Aurie is so sweet and is a foster mommy like Jamie and just seems like the sweetest person possible.

Those of you who know me personally or have been following my blog for a while may know that I am a bit of an airhead so that is all I can think of right now but I know I will probably be kicking myself later when I remember another blog that I love.  (Maybe I will come back and add it then) Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to give your favourite blogs a bit of love. It makes our days! signature


2 thoughts on “sharing the love

  1. Alanna Rusnak

    Thanks for your VERY kind words – it’s always good to know something you’ve put out there has touched someone – whether that be through humour or something more profound 😉 I’m looking forward to checking out your choices!


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