chalk pastels and folk art

I am finally trying to get around to posting some of the art we have been working on this year.

This was a fun project. We started with talking about folk art and about pastels and showing some examples. Each student started with a cat since cats are a pretty common theme in folk art and are kind of fun. Everyone designed their own very colourful kitty cat then those who finished moved on and did something else they chose.

20131114_14361120131114_14364420131114_14362720131114_143605 (1)20131114_143651There were so many great pieces, I will have to do another post once i take more pictures (i will try for non cell phone ones next time).

My art class this year is very different from last year, the whole feel has changed but although it is MUCH louder and sometimes I want to pull my hair out it is still really fun to look at the amazing stuff these guys come up with. We have started doing warm ups and I can’t wait to post about them because they are so fun so stay tuned!


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