feeling restless?

Do you ever get that restless feeling, the one that is like an itch you can’t seem to scratch? For me  it is a creative itch, a feeling that i should be creating something and no matter what I create it doesn’t seem to satisfy the restlessness.


This isn’t a winter restlessness or a cabin fever feeling I am talking about, this feeling can strike just as easily in the summer.

Am I alone here? Do you know what I am talking about?

I am a fairly creative person so if I am not changing the furniture around, painting the house, working on art or some interesting photography I get bored, but that empty restless feeling is different. It doesn’t feel good. It is an emptiness that no amount of creativity can fill.

I think I have found what causes it. I have noticed recently that when I am ignoring God and not spending time reading the word the feeling comes; If i am spending time in the Word every day then it fades quickly and goes away.

I guess all of those times when i was trying to fill that emptiness with art or words or whatever I was trying to fill what could only be filled by God.

I wonder how many of you feel the same way I do and have found that this is also true in your lives.



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