heart hero

I’ve been having fun sending mail to little Leo every day while he is away.  Yesterday I ran out of stamps and had to get more. They are cool Superman stamps and as I was putting them on I was thinking wow, these are kind of perfect because everything this little boy is going through he certainly is a little super hero.

From there the wheels kept turning and I decided to paint a little present for him. I am pretty happy about how it turned out! 🙂

I’ve had the privilege of meeting several other cardiac babies and they certainly are all little super heros and so are their parents.

20131025_144225I made a girlie one for Aleeda too (who got discharged from Sick Kids yesterday!! After more than a year there!) , then decided to be brave and put them up on Etsy so that if anyone is interested in a customized one for their own heart baby.  So ya, I have an Etsy shop now! Check it out here I will be adding other stuff as time goes by.



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