Leo – Day 4

Mark and Lauren don’t have a blog post up for the day yet, but for those not on facebook here is the update they posted there for today.

Please keep praying hard, he is still in the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) and they are really hoping he can improve enough to move out of there.

“Day 4:

Leo had a rough night last night, but is currently doing good. Last night he had some abnormal heart rates so he was put back on muscle relaxers and given a sedative.

The night nurse suctioned blood out of his breathing tubes though out the night (still is a little bloody but not as much as last night). They aren’t sure what is the cause yet. X-ray looked good. The nurse gave him platelets to help.

Leo is off of epinephrine, though, which is great.

Goal for today is to get him extubated so he can be moved to Step Down.

Keep #prayingforLeo ”

Thanks for praying for him. It is so sad to see him in there and I can’t wait until he is better and home. It isn’t the same around here without him and his adorable face and infectious laugh.


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