a storm of grace

Last night practice for our worship team was a bit different from usual. There was something called 12 Step going on downstairs (Which is something about learning to forgive and move past things that have happened in your life or are holding you back, I believe) so we were asked to be very quiet. Usually practice is very loud and the drums are rocking but this was very quiet, no drums and very quiet on the other instruments to be respectful of those downstairs.

As we went through the songs, all familiar, the quietness was such a change from how we usually work (I LOVE the loud btw) and for some reason it really made the words to familiar songs stand out to me differently than they usually do. (songs often really speak to me more than regular words do). We were singing “Grace Like Rain”, it’s very familiar and we have sung it a million times, it’s always been one of my favourites. As we sang it last night a new picture came into my mind that the one that is usually there for this song. I usually picture someone standing out in the rain, arms out and it is raining hard but just a heavy rain storm.

This past friday we had a huge “tropical” storm. Rain coming down so hard you couldn’t see the road, pouring in to the church basement, overflowing drains, saturating everything.

Sometimes when I hear the words “grace like rain”  I think of just a medium-hard rain shower. It isn’t just sprinkling but it is not really a “storm” , but God’s grace is strong enough to wash away everything we have ever done, everything we have ever thought or will do. It strong enough to take the worst person on earth and make him (or her) beautiful and spotless in His sight. It is a Super Tsunami, a Tidal Wave of grace. It has no limit and like our church’s drains it fills us up so full that we have to (should) spill out all over everyone around us.

Sometimes I need little reminders like that in semi-quiet moments.



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