long hiatus

I have neglected my poor blog very badly lately. It is often on my mind but there doesn’t seem to be enough minutes in the day lately.

Aurora started school the last week of August. We were planning to homeschool her until we found out that the little private school at New Tribes was doing a kindergarten class (for the first time?) so when we got permission from them to send her there it was kind of a no-brainer. She is in a class of 4, two boys and one girl besides her. Her teacher is adorable and sweet and she teaches them so much more than just academics.

Gideon is loving having some mommy times in the mornings when we aren’t running around like crazy. Aurora is only in school until noon every day so we have a few hours and then it is time to pick up Aurora and have lunch.

We are also in the middle of renos! So fun but also stressful at times. We took out a load bearing wall (part of one) and are insulating a porch and doing some rebuilding downstairs as well. So there is a lot of drywall, painting, Oh and taking down the linoleum backsplash to put up some very cool tiles I scored at the Re Store.

Pictures and all that will come soon.




PS. Mark and Lauren got a date for Leo’s surgery which is approaching very quickly and we really covet your prayers for him and for them and for all of us.


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