running to your arms

We had one one of those funny “coincidences”  today that isn’t really a coincidence probably.

Our worship team was on this week (we have a 3 week rotation) and being summer most people are away. Our practice on Friday evening was a disaster, I only had one other singer and she is young and very quiet, Normal that would be “ok” but my voice was mostly gone, I was congested and couldn’t stay on tune which was driving me insane. I was having a slightly bad attitude and was freaking out a tiny bit. I prayed this morning that I would have a voice, (while filling my purse with a bag of celery-which helps) and that maybe our other singer would show up after all to help. Well, God answered both of those prayers but then did something cool.

During the closing song of the second service my mother-in-law was watching Gideon for me (there is no childcare second service in the summer) We were singing Forever Reign by Hillsong. “Oh I’m running to Your arms, I’m running to your arms, the riches of Your love will always be enough. Nothing compares to Your embrace…” when Gideon escaped and came tearing down the isle full speed towards me. Hilarious at the moment then I got thinking (as did just about everyone who saw him in all his adorableness) to him the best thing in the world is running into my arms, nothing compares to that for him. I am his comfort and security and almost everything to him right now. That is what the song is saying about God. “My heart will sing no other name. Jesus, Jesus.” If I really live that how would that show in my life, racing towards Him the way my almost 2 year old broke free and came racing to me ignoring everyone in the isles. 

At first I giggled a bit, his little screech and beautiful face and how funny it was but as we kept singing God just kept telling me over and over that once again I need to learn the lesson my babies teach me. This one was a great one.



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