when it doesn’t make sense


Life, wasting time and following the wrong paths. I’ve been thinking about these things again lately. I hear things like this so often, “We thought the Lord was leading us to _____ but it’s just not working out” or “why would He have brought us this far only to close a door?”

I’ve thought it many times to, I was just thinking it again this week hearing about yet another family wanting to serve the Lord overseas and the money just doesn’t come in.  It’s hard not to ask the question at times like that.

My finite mind says “God wants more labourers, he wants those unreached people to hear about His son, he commanded us to go and preach in the whole world. So why is he stopping people who WANT to go?” In my horizontal sight it doesn’t fit.

I don’t know if I will ever understand some of these things while I am on the earth, but I can trust that God sees everything and he must have a plan for all of those people. He must have a reason for taking us partway and then putting on the brakes. He must have a reason for all the things we don’t understand. Maybe it’s just to see how far we will trust him.

It’s easy to trust him when things are going well, when money is coming in to pay the bills, when the path looks straight; but when we are trying to stay afloat in debt because of a lost job or schooling we felt the Lord leading us into it’s pretty hard to trust.

If his ultimate desire for us is to make us more like Christ, to grow us in our maturity and our faith then all we need to do is hang in there, to keep trusting even when nothing makes sense.

Just some of my thoughts today.



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