stubborn and shortsighted just like me

I think God gives us children to show us how he sees us. So often I see a picture of myself and my stubbornness/stupidity in my goofy little monsters.

Yesterday I was looking at a book with Gideon. It was one of those books with the touchy pages that is all about farms. On the first page is a barn – the doors open and inside is a blue tractor, a man and a dog. Gideon LOVES tractors (as most boys do) they are second only to balls in his world.

He spent a good 15 minutes opening and closing the doors, saying “tractor” (sort of) and pointing to it.

Since I have looked at this book a few thousand times I know that there are two more tractor pages later one. Ones that are better. [One has a “digger” that goes up and down and one has a turnable wheel. ]

I tried to show him the better tractors but he threw a temper tantrum was adamant that he knew best.

Once I finally convinced him to at least look at the other tractors he saw that I was not trying to trick him and that there was something better ahead.

As I was relaying the story to my mom today we were laughing about how true that is in our lives. There have been so many times when I have been too impatient to wait for “great” and just settle for “ok” or cling so hard to “ok” that I am blind to “great”IMG_7826_1

Thank you God for the gift of children to show so much about ourselves and that your love for us doesn’t change even when we are short sighted or fight you or hold so tightly to what we think we want.



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