the joy of motherhood

Mother’s day is about to come to an end. The day some of us moms get pampered a bit more than normal, get cute little homemade cards, maybe flowers, maybe other gifts and sometimes breakfast in bed, etc.

As I was holding my brand new nephew today I was thinking about the joy of being a mom, I looked at my sister-in-law, just 4 days after labor that turned into a c section. She is healing from those scars and is so tired from the job of being a new mom but there is nothing like the love in her eyes as she looks into her new baby’s face. No amount of exhaustion or healing pain can change the way she feels about her child.

I was thinking then about my own adventure of motherhood, Gideon is starting the terrible 2s and Aurora goes most days without stopping her constant talking for more than 20 seconds and sometimes I want to scream, but the joy of bringing up my sweet children is usually always there in some way. The joy of seeing Aurora learning to write, and of Gideon learning to talk. The joy of hearing Aurora belt out songs like “I’m Alive”

Motherhood isn’t about being perfect, with young kids most – if not all- days are far from perfect, it’s about showing our children God’s love and raising them up to be forgiving and caring and to put the Lord first. To show them that we all fail but it’s what we do after we fail that really matters.

I saw this video today on Jamie’s blog and had to share it again.

Happy mother’s day, moms, and happy normal days to. Some days are really hard, we are raising the next generation and that will never be easy but it will be worth it.


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