Easter, Secret Church, and Tea

Easter has come and gone now. It was a busy weekend but a great one. Friday were at church in the morning, with my family for an early supper and then went to my old church (the one i grew up in and that my parents still go to and a couple of my siblings have started going to again.) for Secret Church. It was really cool to see some of my old friends from Youth Group and growing up. I try to go from time to time to catch up a bit with old friends. It’s a neat church and a great group of people.

Another funny story, I am such a nerd. As we pulled in to the people’s house another car was parking and the person in it (who also sat behind us then) was Ann Voscamp. I know she goes there but I have to say, I giggled a bit and was like “this is so weird!! she’s like famous!” when I saw her. You can laugh at me now. πŸ˜‰

The night was interesting, the internet wasn’t working at the church so just as Caleb and I were pulling in (we were 30 minutes late because we didn’t decide for sure to go until the last minute and it’s a 45-60 minute drive) everyone was leaving to go to the home of one of the families instead. Luckily this amazing family opened their home to all 60-80 (or more) of us until late in the night (it ended around 2am) It was SOOO late but a great way to spend Good Friday evening.

Saturday came very early (or seemed early since we didn’t get home and pick up the kids until 3am). I was asked to do sand art during a couple songs at the Easter Sunday service at church, so we were at worship practice all morning. That was really fun; Caleb has been on one of the worship teams for a while but I haven’t really met a lot of the people he works with so that was really neat. Being in Sunday School most Sundays it’s hard to get to know people who aren’t in with you (or who aren’t kids πŸ˜‰ ).

Saturday afternoon/evening we has another Easter celebration with Caleb’s family. Then once again left childless (very odd for us! I think this was Gideon’s first time sleeping the whole night away from us and I can count on my fingers how many times Aurora has so this was a new thing for us!) It was so sweet of Caleb’s mom to watch them (we had to be at the church at 8am and be there for both services), especially considering Aurora woke up around 6am and threw up!!! 😦 I felt pretty bad not being there for her and that poor Grandma had to deal with it!! 😦

Here is a video I’ve been meaning to post of the kids enjoying their tea set. If you are seeing this, Thank you Mrs. Makino!


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