Tea Parties

IMG_8110The obsession in our house all week has been tea parties. One night Aurora set up her plastic dishes (filled with water of course) while I was putting Gideon to bed, we had a pretend tea party and while we were doing that we talked about having a party with her friends. (We’ve been working on planning that – maybe next week..)

We also remembered a beautiful china kids tea set that a very sweet lady from my mom’s home church gave Aurora. It’s an amazing full set of cups, plates, sugar dishes, creamers, tea posts all in perfect condition. The kids are LOVING using them and we’ve been having tea parties almost every day.
IMG_8113 Gideon is so gentle with them! (we obviously watch him like hawks) He loves tea, it’s pretty funny.  Aurora loves pouring the tea and making sure everyone has everything she needs.  IMG_8118

IMG_8120 IMG_8124


2 thoughts on “Tea Parties

  1. Chuck & Marilyn Brockwell

    Kristina, you have such a wonderful family. Lord Bless you and Calib.
    Grandma & Gramps


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