It’s Good Friday

I love it when my daughter reminds me what is really important, especially when I am just going about my normal day doing regular stuff not really thinking about the Lord at all let alone putting him first.




A couple days ago she came over to show me the picture she had just drawn, “It’s Jesus on the cross.” she said. “That is God (brown), he’s sad and that is Mary (purple) crying. I drew it for Jesus for his birthday!”

She is obsessed with birthdays and loves making cards for people and is a little obsessed with Jesus. It’s so sweet to see the simple love of a child.

I thought it was neat that she picked this week to draw this, we haven’t really talked (more than we usually do) about what this week means so it was completely out of the blue.

Just a little reminder from a little girl to be thinking about what our Saviour did for us every day and not just today on Good Friday.


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