action plan


This week has been all about guarding my tongue. I’ve had some really great conversations with a dear friend of mine about it and about the “how to” of it. If I cannot do it myself, it’s only the Holy Spirit working through me then I can’t just make a “resolution” to do it because, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, that is worthless.

Resolutions are broken most (if not all) of the time and making one to guard my tongue is just promoting the “self help – I got this God, don’t worry” thing. It’s already been well established that I don’t “got this”.

So what now? Besides praying for help is there anything I can “do”?

My friend Heather talked about the need for a “plan of action”, not a resolution “to do better”, but some practical things we can implement into our days to promote godly thinking and talk. Not discounting the role of the Holy Spirit, but making choices to listen to Him in small things every day so that when it comes to those moments when – words are just bubbling up – it will be easier to hear His voice.

So the action plan is this:

  • Accountability – Some friends who are willing to stop me if I start to say things I shouldn’t. (These need to be friends that I see often and the friends I would normally “vent” to or gossip with.)
  • Scripture – I am working on going through the Bible and picking out verses that talk specifically about the tongue, words and anything related. We are also choosing a verse (or a few) each to post in our homes so we see them every day and hopefully really think on them every day
  • Pray – This one should be obvious. If we don’t ask for help then how can we expect to get it?
  • Art – Instead of just posting verses on the fridge (or writing them on the chalkboard in my kitchen) We each are working on different types of “verse art” for the house. Why not have some fun with it? 😉

I used my scrabble tile magnets to put a reminder on the fridge

If you have other ideas please let me know!


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