redeemed from the past

As part of the Child Protection Seminar I am taking (which is about preventing ad recognizing child abuse) we watched a video testimony from Wess Stafford, the CEO of Compassion International and author of Too Small to Ignore . It was pretty heavy; he experienced every type of abuse as a child but his testimony of redemption and how the Lord has used those years of horror to make him who is today was really amazing.

During his testimony something he said really stood out to me and fit in so well with a quote I heard just over a week ago that lead to my Beautifully Flawed post. [The quote was from Jason Gray in an interview on KLove. He said, “It’s such sweet revenge to use the devil’s weapons against him.”]

After telling his story of everything he went through and the years it took to really move past it. Wess said he finally realized he “Wound up a tool surprisingly useful for the Kingdom of God.” (that might not be word for word – I was writing as fast as I could) Not in spite of his past, but because of it. “Satan intended if for evil but God had redeemed it for good.” “There is no story that God cannot use for good.” “Nothing is wasted, everything can be redeemed.”

I alway think it’s funny when things keep coming up from different places and connect to say the same thing. It makes me wonder, is there something from my past  is God trying to get me to move past so he can use it for good? What have I been through that Satan meant for evil, that he thought would destroy me that God means for good?

There are things in my past that were hard to walk through. The loss of two pregnancies and the years of infertility and depression that came after are what pop into my head right away. Satan really thought that I was destroyed with that and for a long time I listened to his lies and WAS destroyed. But God has redeemed those years and I wouldn’t trade them, they made me who I am. (A much more emotional person than I ever was before…)

Is there something from your past that you see only as pain? That you just can’t move past?  Satan would love to use against it you over and over again until you are nothing more than useless scrap of a person, but God can take it and redeem you, and use your life as a the perfect tool for His kingdom. There is nothing he can’t redeem, there is nothing he can’t forgive.


Romans 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good. For those who love God and are called according to his purpose. ” It doesn’t mean that those horrible things from your past or mine were good, they were SO far from good, but  God can take them and redeem them and use them for good.



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