what my week looks like

Another busy weekend ends and a busy week begins.

Saturday was spent making last minute preparations for our special Bunco party which was Saturday night, I will do a post on that this week with pictures and stuff.

Today is Caleb’s birthday so Sunday we celebrated (since he will be at work all day today) with his family. His sister is home from her last semester at University so it was nice to celebrate with everyone together. 🙂 Welcome to the “late 20s” babe!!

This week and next I will be taking a Child Protection Seminar which mainly deals with abuse, preventing abuse and recognizing it when it’s happening. It’s something that New Tribes requires everyone to take now and since I am an “associate” (kind of) and am working with children (teaching art) it very much applies to me. It will only be for an hour every morning and my mom wasn’t able to take it last time it was offered so we’ll be doing it together (with others) I told her we can drink lattes and she can knit while we listen. LOL. That made her dread it a bit less. (talking about abuse isn’t the funnest thing too do…)

latte time

I am challenging myself with something new for March that I think will be really cool and I’m excited about it. More on that later this week though. 😉


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