beautifully flawed

beautifully flawed

Flaws – we all have them. Some of us seem to have a LOT of them but maybe that is because we aren’t as good at hiding them….

It’s so easy to see our own and think that we are the only ones who have them. What is it that makes us think that we need to put on this facade of perfection? The little voice in my head that tells me that if I let people see how insecure I am, or how i struggle with “this or that” that they will reject me.

Satan spends a lot of time and energy whispering little things into our heads. Things that sound true like “a good mom wouldn’t do this more or not do that” or “you shouldn’t struggle with reading your Bible regularly, none of your friends do and if they knew you did they would be as disappointed in you as God is.” He is the master liar, he knows how to take a tiny speck of truth or what sounds like truth and twist it is a way that makes you feel so guilty to the point of giving up or faking it.

The funny thing is, when I really start getting to know someone and they let some flaws show I only end up liking them more.

Most artists will tell you that it’s peoples flaws that make them interesting and beautiful, it works the same way with inner flaws. When we show people that we are not perfect we are showing them that we have a lot in common with them. They know that they aren’t perfect and they are much more comfortable around us when it’s obvious that we aren’t perfect either.

I’m not necessarily saying we should glory in our flaws, some flaws are sin issues and we need to deal with them, but we don’t need to hide those either; maybe if we bring some light to them (with trustworthy wise friends) we can find help from others who have already dealt with similar ones.

Sharing our past flaws can help others to learn from our mistakes, and see how God’s grace has been sufficient for us despite our flaws.

So rip off that mask and share away!


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