A trip to Sicks Kids and Photo Fridays

This week was a bit of a busy one. Monday and Tuesday were not too busy really just keeping the kids out of trouble – which ended up being a LOT of work actually, a lot of fighting/arguing/disrespectful behaviour/making Gideon cry/etc. Tuesday night we headed over to Caleb’s parent’s house in the evening to spend the night there (me and the kids, Caleb was on nights). The kids were VERY excited about the sleepover so they stayed up WAY too late and Gideon woke up many times during the night needing to be calmed back down.

At 2:40am Wednesday morning my alarm went off telling me it was time to get up and get ready to take my sis-in-law and nephew (Leo) to Toronto for his appointment at Sick Kids. by 3:15am we were on the road battling rain and fog in the pitch dark on the 2-3 hour drive.  Luckily being that it was 5:30am when we arrived we didn’t run into any traffic! YA!

At 7:30am the nurse gave (a very hungry – he wasn’t allowed to eat after 3am) Leo a nasty tasting sedative so he would go to sleep for his eco cardiogram and pace maker clinic.

Lauren and Leo

By 8am he was out like a light and the DR was in to start the tests.


Lauren and I went for a little walk (she had 30-40 minutes to take a break since we were guaranteed that much time sedated, after that he could start to stir) around the hospital to hand out some Thank You cards she had brought for their doctors and to visit Lisa, a mom that Lauren met in a facebook group for moms of babies with heart problems. Lisa is a believer and has 5 kids, her new baby, Ava is the same age as Leo and they are still in the hospital with her. It was really cool to meet them both since I’ve heard about them from Lauren for a while. (You can read Lisa’s blog here)

After those tests Leo had an appointment with his cardiologist, we had lunch and started the long drive back. Again we were blessed with no traffic!! (a miracle in Toronto) We were very thankful that we had decent weather as well because Thursday we had big a blizzard!

To read more about Leo’s test and what the doctors told us check out Lauren and Mark’s blog here.

By 4pm Wednesday (if not before) I was exhausted but of course I still didn’t get to bed on time!!! So Thursday was a bit of a fog. 😉

Caleb is looking forward to helping out at the Youth Snow Camp this weekend and I am looking forward to a birthday party/girls night out tomorrow night!! (ya!! much needed)

ALSO – Please consider joining in and blessing another family with a baby daughter in Sick Kids named Aleeda. She has been waiting for a heart transplant for 9 months and is not doing well. She is turning 1 soon. Ann Voscamp is organizing 1000 birthday cards for her to encourage them. We will be doing these tomorrow and mailing them out. Please join us!! They need to be there next week! You can send them to Lisa Colley at the Ronald Macdonald House, 240 McCaul St  Toronto, ON M5T 1W5 and she will pass them on, OR follow Ann’s instructions in the blog post linked above and ” Email Aleeda just a line or two of birthday greeting  right here: 1stbirthdaycardforAleeda@gmail.com (if you wanted to get the kids in on it too — you could email a photo of their hand drawn cards?)  My 5 little nieces will make sure you get to show God’s heart to her.”


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