I am taking part in a lifestyle 52 week challenge this year from Paint the Moon. One of my “resolutions” this year was to take more pictures of my children. I’m a photographer who doesn’t take enough pictures of my kids… LOL Actually I think that is not uncommon even though it sounds weird. So this year I wanted to focus on being more intentional. More intentional with my children, more intentional with this blog (working on that-trying to figure out where to start), more intentional with taking pictures of day to day stuff, etc.

So this is only week 3, and if you want to see the actual pictures I chose for the week you can see them here week 1 and week 2 and below you can see some other pictures from our week.

Little Gideon having his nap…

52 week project-7695

My silly girl got a kid camera, it doesn’t even work, we got it free and it doesn’t have the cord, but she is just thrilled to death with it…52 week project-769052 week project-7673

And painting with her cousins in their costumes. (The Flash was painting too but isn’t in this picture. )52 week project-7678


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