a woman who prays

I was chatting with my mom yesterday about a family we know, the Webers. They have been good friends of ours for about 18 years now, I went to youth group with two of them, worked at a camp out west with them, and then went to two years of Bible School with 1 of them. We’ve had a lot of fun together through the years.

A few days ago their grandfather died, He was in his 80s or 90s and has been sick for a while so it was not a huge surprise, but it has caused us to be thinking about their family a lot these past few days.

Yesterday my mom was sharing a few things from a chat she had with Elizabeth (wife to the man who died and grandmother to my friends) a few months ago; Elizabeth is an amazing woman, she is a prayer warrior (she wouldn’t say that about herself but everyone says that about her. I’ve heard it from her grandkids, her kids, friends…) she prays for every one of her children, grandchildren, and all of their spouses and kids every single day. She’s done this since her own children were born (if not before) and prays every day for many others who are not in her family.

Out of five generations of their family there is not one person who is not walking with the Lord! Some of them have become missionaries and those who haven’t give VERY generously to missions. A few of her sons are elders in different churches in the area (if not all of their sons, I don’t know them all), and the rest of them serve and share in too many ways to mention. This is a family who has a huge impact for the Lord.

I know my mom was very challenged by her conversation with this amazing woman because she’s mentioned it before but I had forgotten about it or maybe had other things on my mind or something because I had forgotten. This time it really stood out to me, I thought about it all evening and was thinking about it again this morning. What would her family look like today if she had not prayed every day? Is it possible that every single one of them would still be walking with God? I doubt it! I know that people still each make their own decisions, but with someone taking you before the Lord every day since you were born and even before that…

I was very challenged as I thought about Elizabeth this morning. What could my family look like in 40-50 years if I follow her example, get on my knees, and pray every day for my children and my husband? How different will their lives be if I do than if I don’t? It won’t take me very long and I can do it any time any place. So this is my new challenge, and one I hope to stick with for the rest of my life. Imagine how your family would look if you did the same? Imagine how out churches would change if we all did, our communities and even our countries?


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