Sweet or Bitter

As with most parents of young children the story of our lives the last few months has been trying to teach Aurora to control her words. Whining, lying, cheekiness… There have been countless talks and time outs and such that just seem to not hit the point.

While we were in Chicago for Christmas things just got worse and finally I had the idea to show her how her words taste to God.

I have been taking Swedish Bitters lately, and they are pretty nasty. (horribly nasty in fact but harmless) It only took a tiny lick for her to realize how horrible her words can be and she’s being a lot more careful with what she says now. (well at least she isn’t lying so much anymore.)

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my own words. How do my words “taste”? Are they sweet and uplifting to others or bitter and hurtful?I know that as women gossip can be such a problem and those words must taste worse that Swedish Bitters to God. (and trust me, that is saying something!) So one thing I will be working on this new years is keeping my words sweet and leaving the bitterness for cleanses. 😉


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