Update on my nephew

Here is a new update on my little unborn nephew Leo. Please continue to pray for him and my brother and sister-in-law. These are pretty huge things that they are going through right now and they need all the prayers and encouragement they can get.


“Short and quick update for all of those who are praying for us:

Yesterday we had a routine appointment at the hospital in London. We had an fetal echo at 10:30am, that went for almost an hour and a half. Our paedtric cardiologist met with us afterwards and explained to us that they found another VSD (hole in the heart) which was small and that Leo has a Mobitz Type 2/2nd degree AV Block. She mentioned that this means he would possibly need a pacemaker in the future, though she didn’t know when. Our cardiologist wants to have an ultrasound on Lauren twice a week to monitor Leo’s heart rate and blood flow, to make sure that it doesn’t turn into a complete AV block or that fluid doesn’t build up around his organs.”
Read the rest of the post here on their blog



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