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This past weekend we finally began the job of ripping out the yucky drywall and shower cover in our bathroom so that we can redo the shower.When we bought this house it didn’t have a surround in, instead they had used sheets or that shower wall stuff and done it the quick cheap way. It was ok for a temporary fix (I guess) but should never be done for a permanent fix as it tends to leak and cause the dry wall to mould.

We have been wanting to fix it for a long time but haven’t had the money to do it so it’s been put off. In fact, for over a year now we have been using pliers to turn the water on and off because the faucet broke and (since they did it the cheap way) we couldn’t put the new one of without redoing the whole thing.

We now have a faucet on which is awesome!! No more pliers!! But have been stuck with baths since Saturday while we wait for the new shower walls. Baths at night are now so bad, they can be quite relaxing actually, but baths in the morning (I am a little obsessive and have to shower/bathe twice a day-only wash my hair in the morning though usually) kind of suck. đŸ˜‰

So, tomorrow is the big day. If I had it my way we would go today and get all the supplies and it would be done by tomorrow, but alas, Caleb has to work until 8pm and we live in a country where things are not open all night like they are in Chicago…. đŸ˜¦ LOL man I miss that….

Can’t wait to post before and afters!!


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