Mr Toad

Meet Mr Toad. Zoe (our dog) found him yesterday, it’s quite possible that while she was digging in the garden like a bad dog, she dug him up because it’s getting a little chilly out for amphibians, and he was moving pretty slow.

Mr. Toad

Well, I happen to LOVE amphibians and reptiles so of course we were all excited to play with him a bit. Aurora, being a little on the girlie side (understatement), was a little hesitant to touch him, but even she did in the end.

Gideon, on the other hand, was quite thrilled and I had to keep reminding him to be gentle to the poor toad. At one point he touched the toad, then went to put his finger right into his mouth. LOL I, of course, was immediately like “no yuckies!!” which he thought was quite hilarious and tried to do it again just to bug me. (I think that toads might be one of the salmonella carriers along with turtles so of course i didn’t let him actually put his fingers into his mouth and we all washed our hands well afterwards) Caleb later said that “you can’t really know something unless you have tasted it.” LOL I guess that is what babies think.


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