Gideon laughing and week recap

Here is just a silly little video of Gideon. He learned last week how to make spitting noises and thought it was pretty hilarious.

Yet another week has flown by. Saturday we (my mother-in-law and husband’s aunt) went to a Beth Moore conference that was excellent!! If you missed it then keep an eye out for a rewatch or video of it, it was SO worth seeing/hearing!! She used 2 Kings 4 and the two stories there of the different women (the woman who had nothing came to Elisha for help and he told her to borrow jars and pour oil into each then sell the oil to pay her debts, and the woman to had everything except a son, so God blessed her with a son but then he died and God raised him) to talk about faith/faithfulness. It was so excellent. I’ve got my calendar marked for next September already. 😉

Art class this week, we’ve started working on a poster for a Remembrance day competition. The kids have a chance to win money or even be put on display in the War Museum or Parliament Hill (for 1-3 place nationally) So they started sketching out ideas this week and next week we will start on the actual posters.

Last night I was at a meeting for Sunday School and kids programs for the year at church. I am praying about how to serve. One option I have is to be a one on one helper for a special needs child during sunday school time, I love the idea but have a few concerns, such as I have two young children of my own who will have days they are sick and I’ll be home with them, and a few others like that so I am trying to really think it through/pray about it before jumping in. I usually have a tendency to just jump in and then regret things later so I am REALLY trying to work on that.

With fall comes family picture time as well, most families like doing their family pictures for Christmas in the fall so this time of year my photography business really picks up as well which adds more busyness both with actually sessions and the hours of culling/editing afterwards. Always fun though.

That’s my recap for now, I am sure I will think of everything else as soon as I start doing something else… 😉

Enjoy the beautiful day!! Fall is really in the air!!





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4 thoughts on “Gideon laughing and week recap

  1. jan

    Pray hard about working with special needs class. As a pastor’s wife with 2 sons with autism, I can tell you, you will be blessed! Also I know from sitting in waiting rooms with many special needs parents it is a great need…so many family members with special needs responsibilites can’t go to church and want to, they just need some assistance and are very tired. Makes me sad to see all the people who choose not to go when they can when there are so many who would love to be in the Lord’s house and aren’t always welcome.

    1. my2monsters Post author

      Thanks for your great comment Jan! I decided that at this time (with my own kids being so young) it might be hard to commit to being a full time helper in case Gideon was having a rough day in nursery or something like that) So I am teaching a class instead for now with the flexibility to do whatever is really needed.
      Helping with special needs is definitely what is on my heart most though and hopefully will be something I can be very involved in in the future. I’ve even thought of becoming a certified helper for in home help or in schools at some point.
      Yes, I agree, it’s really sad that some families can’t come if three isn’t a helper. I know the other helper works with a child like that and is only able to do it every other week because of the commitment it takes and how draining it is. The girl they wanted me to possibly help with has never had a helper and can come without one. (not autistic)


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