Art Class

Art Class started almost 3 weeks ago and I am finally now getting some pictures up. It’s been really great so far.

I have 2 classes, the younger class is grades 1-3, they are adorable; and the older class is grades 4-6 and they are awesome. They are so enthusiastic and really fun to work with. I end up having to kick them out because I think they would just stay all afternoon if I let them. 😉

We have mostly been working on abstract/modern forms of art so far. I think modern is a nice starting place because the kids can just have fun and create without worrying about the “rules”.

These first few pictures are a few of our class decorations. There is a huge old fireplace in my classroom and the mantel really needed something to add some colour, so this huge (it won’t even fit in my car…) 3D mixed media helps with that.

A giant palette…

Some giant pencil crayons made from fabric rolls

The second project the kids did was a Pop Art piece inspired by Andy Warhol (and another art teacher I found via Pinterest) these turned out really cool and very colorful. And these are from out very first project. The younger class collaborated on these, they worked in teams and then rotated so they all worked on each piece. The older class each worked on their own and did not rotate.

The rules for this was that they could only paint circles of different sizes then only lines connecting the circles. Then I took away the black paint and they filled in colours. 


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