My silly kids


This has been a crazy few weeks!

Art classes started this week and went really well! I am teaching two different classes, Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6. The younger class is very cute and silly and the older class is hilarious and very enthusiastic. I have taught grades 4-6 art in the past and have always loved that age, they are not as inhibited as high schoolers yet but are getting to an age where they want to learn how to do more complex things. They also think that I am awesome which is hilarious and very fun. They are just a really great group of kids and I am really looking forward to getting to know all of them better as the year goes on.

This week they did large modern art pieces and I am excited to get pictures of them up as soon as I have a chance. They turned out pretty cool and no 2 of them look alike despite having the same “rules” for each painting. I will take pictures of them this week and post them as soon as I get a chance.

I also finally decided to try again at getting a good picture of my kids together. Gideon is so good at posing for me, and Aurora used to be but she now has “photographer’s child syndrome” and is sick of smiling at the camera. LOL This time she actually cooperated really well but for some reason Gideon didn’t. Hm. oh well, I was still able to get some that I am really happy with as well as some that are just plane full (like the ones I am posting on here)



I have not had a chance to update my photography blog with a post of the good ones yet, but when I do they will be found here.

I have been keeping up with running as well and am still really enjoying it. It still takes will power to actually get out and go, but once I do I am always glad I did. I had a few bad runs in a row but finally got in a good one last night, I think it was just a stage to get past since Caleb said the same thing happened to him on his 3rd week of running. I am down close to 10lb now which is exciting, it’s taken forever though so that can be a bit discouraging.


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