long weekend (and long winded)

This weekend was a long weekend here in Ontario, which meant that my hubby actually got 3 days off in a row!! (This doesn’t happen very often for him. He works as a supervisor at an ice cream factory so summer is very busy for them.) Unfortunately we were all sick on Sunday (nasty cold for me and Gideon, and migraine for Caleb. Aurora was healthy.) so we mostly just lay around, but even that can be relaxing (besides the feeling crummy bit).

Yesterday we had some good family time and then spent some time with Caleb’s family in the later afternoon/early evening. Watched Canada lose in women’s soccer (stupid ref was clearing playing favourites), made tortillas (well, Grandma made them, I cooked them and Aurora just ate the dough-which is just flower, oil, water and salt…lol) ate tacos, played with Zoe and tried to wear her out (she tends to chew stuff really badly when she isn’t worn out the day before. She’s destroyed several pairs of shoes this week.)

I finished my painting project last week and we brought my hunters cabinet home on Thursday evening. I need to take and after picture still so that I can post that. It looks great!! I am going to paint the table and chairs next. 🙂

Today the kids and I had a great day, we got a lot done at home and then spent the afternoon playing outside. Zoe swam (which is always hilarious to watch. goofy dog) then had to get a bath because she stunk so bad. LOL (We haven’t gotten much rain this summer so the pond is not the cleanest) and we went for a long walk. We probably looked hilarious, I had Gideon in his stroller and behind me was Aurora pushing a toy stroller with a stuffed cat in it. 🙂 Good thing we were not in town. 😉

As I mentioned before, I am trying to be really good about getting healthy this month (well starting this month). As a part of that I joined a challenge via facebook. I’ve got an online coach and a group of women that are all doing this challenge together. We have rules to follow and have to report in each day with how many points we got. My workouts have been going great. My neighbors are moving and I was able to get a new elliptical at their yard sale!! 🙂 (I had one when we lived in Chicago but it’s really big and our house isn’t huge so my  mom-in-law is using it because she has more room for it.) This one is a perfect size and it’s really added a lot to my workout!! Besides that I just have a recumbent bike which I love but it’s nice to be able to switch it up.  So far I have already lost 2 pounds!! wahoo!! only 28 to go for my goal…. LOL

I am starting to freak out a little bit about how soon the school year is starting up!! I need to get my art classroom set up and my curriculum finalized ASAP!!! That and I am getting super nervous!! I am excited to, just really nervous right now at how much I still have to do!!

This has turned into a long update! so I will save the rest for another post. 🙂


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