Chocolate Truffles (healthy ones!)

Here is my new chocolate truffle recipe. They are super easy and yummy and should help with those nasty sugar cravings!

They have been taste tested and approved by: Gideon (although he likes just about everything), Aurora (who is in a very picky stage), Caleb (who is very suspicious of “healthy versions” and usually doesn’t like them), my mom and dad and myself.

Ok here it is, you need:

  • Dates
  • unsweetened dark chocolate and/or cocoa powder
  • coconut (optional)
  • coconut butter (optional)

Puree 1 cup of dates and add melted unsweetened chocolate or cocoa powder to taste. (One square of unsweetened chocolate was a good amount, one and a half would be great too just a bit richer) mix well with a fork or continue to puree (my blender/food processor is not one of those awesome ones so I used a fork to mix it up well) Roll into bite size balls and  coat in cocoa powder or unsweetened coconut.

I made these 3 different ways to test them out and compare them.

  1. Unsweetened chocolate was richer and more chocolatey
  2. Cocoa powder with about a tablespoon of coconut butter (homemade)
  3. Cocoa powder

All were great so it would just depend on what you had on hand. 🙂

Hope you like them!! They keep well in the freezer but if your freezer gets really cold try the fridge instead.


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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffles (healthy ones!)

  1. Gail

    These look great and way more healthy than regular truffles. Thanks for sharing…and it’s cute to hear the background on each of your “critics” (i.e. “although he likes just about everything”)
    Thanks for sharing, Gail (


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