Health Challenge

Today starts a new month. With August comes a lot of new things, school will start again (which means my art class will start! Super excited but also very nervous about that), Aurora will be in JK instead of Preschool. Big stuff.

I have been trying to get healthier for a while now, making lame attempt that usually only last a few days before I give up and fall back into my bad habits, so this time I am making it public and asking for accountability. I’ve got a goal for weight loss, but aside from that I want to get by body feeling better and healthier and hopefully figure out some stuff.

My plan is this, no sugar for the month of August. I have an addiction to sugar that must be broken. On top of that I will be trying to eat as “clean” as possible. I have a few new recipe inventions to help curb the cravings that I will be sharing in the next couple days. I’ll be on the lookout for others as well so if you know of some good ones please share.


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