Peas, Beans, and thankfulness

Today it was the big day, time to finally harvest some of our veggies!! So exciting! It has been so fun to watch them grown from seeds to little plants, then big plants, then flower and now produce fruit! (well veggies/legumes but you know what I mean)

I feel like a bit of a nerd with how excited I am over this. 🙂 Aurora was pretty excited about it too. She’s in a picky stage where she suddenly doesn’t want to eat much besides cheese and bread (she used to eat everything we gave her) but she was loving the peas. (she was a little suspicious of the beans even though she is the one that picked them out to plant…

I stumbled upon Ann Voscamp’s thankfulness challenge on her blog today. My mom goes to church with her and has been going on about how much she loves her book (and her personally) for ages. For mothers day she gave each of us big journals specifically for this, but I have to admit, I have not been good about keeping it up. I have started it, but I am so bad at these things.

When I saw her challenge I thought this was a great way to try to get the habit started through the month of July. Instead of putting it as a blog post I decided to keep it as it’s own page so I can update it without reposting. Check it out here.

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3 thoughts on “Peas, Beans, and thankfulness

  1. Garden Tenders/Kim

    I have been doing something similar on my blog every thursday. Do you find when you sit down every evening and reflect on the day as you compose your thoughts that looking for the things to be thankful for has made you more thankful in the process? Did that even make sense? LOL Anyway, it has for me…… Wonderful list and post!


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