Jungle Camp Visit

Jungle camp open house was this weekend so we finally had a chance to go up and see Mark and Lauren and the house they built. We were all (well the girls were) excited to see how much Lauren’s baby belly had grown in the 3 weeks they’ve been up here.

47 people from my mom and dad’s home church (about 2.5 hours south in the town my mom grew up in – my grandparents still go there) came up to see Jungle Camp and visit my family. Most of them have known my mom since she was a kid so it’s always fun to see them.

My parents (with a lot of help from my brother Jon) built a clay pizza oven last year and the pizza from it is just amazing so they wanted to make pizza for everyone who visited (they also brought light lunches)

12 pizzas ready to go in the oven (the above ones were still being made which is why some are missing cheese)

My mom wrote on the side of her oven with moss

Jon checking and taking out pizzas

Little Levi, my nephew, covered in watermelon, pizza, mud and who knows what else…. 🙂

Gideon in his stroller waiting to go up to jungle camp to see his auntie and uncle

My goofy baby brother Mark (above-obviously) and below is his wife Lauren making super on the clay oven/stove that they built. This is what they cook all their meals on for the 4 weeks they are up there.

Aurora and her good friend. She was very happy to be able to play with her again for a little while. Aurora is so surrounded by boys that it’s very fun for her to be able to play with other girls sometimes. (although she does very well at keeping up with the boys/bossing them around.)

An outside view of their house. I didn’t actually go around and take pictures of any of the other houses, but here is a basic idea of what they look like. Not all of them have porches and Mark and Lauren decided to make theirs very open concept which most people don’t do, but his is the general idea. They are not allowed nails (I believe they might be allowed 4 nails of the dining table) so they use staples and duct tape or twine for everything. The local Home Hardware donates most if not all of the duct tape (or at least most years they do) which is really awesome! (Here in Canada duct tape is not cheap like it is in the US)

My crazy mother teasing Lauren about just how many babies are in there….

Lauren has her big ultrasound (and I believe first ultrasound) tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they will be able to find out what the baby is!!! My mom and other sister-in-law are also hoping to see more than one baby in there. The above picture(s) is my mom being silly about how many babies are in there.

My dad thought she should just keep adding more fingers but luckily for Lauren she stopped at 3. It’s always been a bit of a joke in our family, my mom’s brother (Bill) is very crazy. Hilarious but a handful so growing up my grandpa always told him that he hoped he (Bill) had twin boys just like himself. Well he did, and then he had a daughter who puts the twins to shame! (they are a very fun bunch to be around, never a quiet moment) so we have always said the same thing should happen to Mark because he is very much like uncle Bill.

Mark and Lauren’s blog here. They are planning to go to southeast Asia to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. Check out their blog to stay updated on them and pray for them, they appreciate prayers so much (and so do we as we think about saying goodbye to them and their baby 😦 )

More about New Tribes Mission here, on twitter here and on Facebook here.


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