The Pirates who don’t do anything

Mapleton Organic Farm has this crazy maze (seriously, we ended up having to cheat more than once to get through LOL) and in the middle is this cool ship playground thing. The kids LOVED it and spend a long time “swabbing the deck” (my nephew likes Spongebob a lot) and being Pirates (they also love Veggie tales Pirates who don’t do anything) and acting like crazy nut cases. πŸ™‚

Then we all had organic ice-cream that they make right there. It was delicious!!

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2 thoughts on “The Pirates who don’t do anything

  1. The Adventurer

    Great place to take the kids. Mine love corn mazes and we always have to cheat to find the middle. I don't think any of us have great directional sense:) I have a Home school field trip hop if you would like to join in at to met you in blog land


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