Farm Study Petting zoo trip

Today was a super fun day. 
I had mentioned to my mom (she regularly babysits 2 of my nephews and has another nephew living with her for the past 2 weeks while his mom is visiting family in Northern Ireland) that I wanted to take Aurora to a petting farm for part of our Farm study unit. She thought it was a great idea and wanted to take my 3 older nephews (my sister-in-law took her youngest son with her)
Today was a great day for it. It’s been cold here lately but today was warmer and mostly sunny. The kids had a GREAT time. 

 my mom with the 4 older grandkids

 E “kissing” a goat.

 me with Gids in the backpack, Aurora and my oldest nephew

 Mini horse

 Man, roosters look hilarious when they are crowing!

More to come later 🙂

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