Our plants have grown a lot in these last few days. The ones in the paper towel are growing MUCH quicker than the ones in dirt. We think it is because they are getting a lot more sun (they’ve been sitting on the windowsill)
They got big enough that it was time to put them in the dirt so we did that today.
The only thing in our dirt that we can see growing (from the  surface) is the salad mix, but we do see roots in the other plants so they are obviously growing too. 🙂

 This is a pretty cool magnetic map puzzle I found at the homeschool conference I can’t remember off the top of my head who sold it but Aurora LOVES it!! We had been doing geography off a tiny printed map. but now she can see the actual countries better (and hold them and put it all together!) and it shows some of the animals that live in different areas which is awesome because we were looking for something like that!
She knows what country her daddy grew up in (Venezuela) and what country her friend Silas lives in (in the South pacific)  and where she lives and a bunch of other things too. This has made it a lot more fun for her.

     We have a trip to a petting farm planned for very soon to see and pet some of the animals we’ve been studying. We’ve been reading a lot of farm fact books and a bunch of goofy farm (and farm animal) stories as well. “Can Hens Give Milk” by Joan Betty Stuchner and Joe Weissmann, and “Princess Pigsty” by Cornelia Funke are two particularly silly ones that Aurora really likes right now. 
       Oh, and we have already visited some chickens already a couple times this week, what funny creatures they are….


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