school work and another hair do

We got a lot done today, Aurora did all her school work, and I was able to fold and put away about 5 loads of laundry (LOL) and made the verse templates along with normal day stuff. I love productive days and that I am finally feeling good enough to have productive days without suffering for them. 
This is how I did Aurora’s hair today, (it was inspired by this blog) pretty quick and easy and looked cute. It’s still wet in the picture. Her ringlets are better once they are dry.

 (pre-hair do, LOL) working on her worksheet. Apparently with her left hand at the moment i took the picture. These were free printables I found on Pinterest a while ago ( here is the link to them) I think they are pretty fun.

 Finished with her worksheets, her Bible verses and her Bible stories, now she can color for a bit while I take care of her baby brother…

 A side view of her hair…


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