hair dos

I found this great blog via Pinterest full of hair styles for little girls. Some of them we can’t do yet because Aurora’s hair isn’t thick enough yet (her girls were a bit older). Unfortunately the blog hasn’t been updated in serveral years. I am guessing that her girls grew up and no longer had the patience or as teenagers were just “too cool” LOL 🙂 But the blog is still FULL of ideas and hundreds of posts.

Here are a few hairstyles we’ve tried. Most are ideas from the blog Piggies ‘N Ponies


 without and with the flower…

 This one i kind of screwed up and didn’t divide the middle tiny ponie into two, I’ve done this one a lot of times since and it’s a lot cuter if you divide it (half going into one messy bun the other into the other bun) but I only took a picture the time i messed up.


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