little footie prints

I think I mentioned that I like little hand prints, well I love little foot prints too, maybe even more…. And A LOVES making foot prints, and doing pretty much anything with paint actually. 
We had already primed these with Gesso a few days ago when we primed the larger canvas that we did our hand prints on, so they were all ready to go. 
A and I decided to do her’s in the bathroom so there would be no fear of a mess. 

She looks grumpy but she was actually quite excited.

after it dried a bit I watered down some cinnamon brown paint (I added quite a bit of water to it) and used it to “age” the canvas a bit.

I found that using a dry spongy brush in circular motions worked best.

Then I thought, “hmm, it would probably be easier to do the “aging” before doing G’s print.”

Shortly after that he decided to have a nice dirty diaper so I took that opportunity to do his foot print. He was much more cooperative with his feet but still moved a bit, oh well.

Here are his cute little blue toes

And  here it is, like I said, he smudged his a bit but not enough to bother redoing the whole thing, that would be WAY too much work, and although I am a bit OCD I will just deal with a bit of smudge this time.


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